The Great things that come from blogging | Flora’s Week Show 💫

This is beautiful!! 😍

Hello friends! Welcome back to flora’s week show! 💙 How has your day gone/going? In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing some of the most amazing things about blogging (in my opinion.) ✨ After reading this post, if you have any other things that I didn’t mention, then comment below. I hope you enjoy!

By the way, I took the photo above on an early morning. ☀️


When you grow and audience, you also grow a community which is truly magical. ❤


Linking to my other point, when you find other people’s blogs and enjoy reading other people’s content, it makes blogging so much better. You can interact with other blogs too. 💞


When blogging, it feels really nice to express yourself. Maybe through your hobbies, love for writing and generally what you want. ✨

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If you really like a certain subject (such as a hobby, pets, ect) do some research about it, and write a post about it. When you know more about a subject, it’s easier to write about it. 💡

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Thank you so much for reading! 😗 Before we end this post, here are a few posts you should check out because they’re amazing.





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The Pros & Cons of Blogging | Flora’s Week Show 🌼

Hello friends! ❤ It’s rainy again…🙄. BUT! I am in a coffee shop right now and I’m drinking a Caramell frostinó which I’ve never tried before. My rating is a 7/10 because it’s so cold (hence the name frostinó.) 😅 Edit- Now I’m drinking an icelatte.☕️

Anyways, when I started blogging I was very new to the process and didn’t know much. But since then, 10 months ago, I’ve learnt a lot about the blogging community and the pros and cons of blogging. So, for today’s post, I thought I’d share them with you! I hope you enjoy.



One of the most annoying things about blogging is how many SPAM comments you get. SPAM comments vary, some can be from other bloggers asking for followers, some can be people saying ‘click this link and you’ll get a free product’ and it can also just be people saying random things that aren’t relative to the post.

How to deal with SPAM comments:

If you think something doesn’t look 100% right, don’t risk it, make sure to delete that comment and then if you wanted, you could block that user.

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Content Stealing

This is one of the most annoying things anyone could do to a blogger bacause everyone works so hard to write unique, fun content and then someone else says it’s theirs. *deep breaths* 😤. Please never do this because it hurts.

How you can fix this:

Ask the person politely to stop and if they do then great, your problem is solved! 😄 But if not, try to block the person and ignore it.

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Running out of Post Ideas

When you reach a certain point on blogging, you start to run out of blog post ideas. I find that when I’m feeling unproductive and run out of inspiration, I enjoy reading other peoples posts and also reading posts like ‘blog post ideas’. These sort of pots give me an idea and then I adapt them to my blog. An awesome post that I read was ‘99 Blog Post Ideas‘ by Evin @Living the Blogging Life. This post gave me a lot of inspiration and I recommend that post! 😊


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The Wonderful Community

I find that one of the best & wonderful thing about blogging is the community! Everyone is so exciting and kind. When I think of blogging I actually think of smiles and rainbows. 🌈 I think blogging is wonderful.

The ability to make someone smile

I love the ability to make someone smile. Whenever you post something happy it mainly makes other people happy. One type of post that I love to read is happy, fun ones because they always make me smile. 😊

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Thanks so much for reading! ❤ I hope this post was fun to read! Before this post ends it was Evin’s Birthday on 14th August and she’s just shared a post which you can find here. I hope you all have a great day,

My Drinks in the coffee shop:

Never Have I Ever collab ft. @✨Crazy Me✨ | Flora’s Week Show

Welcome back to flora’s week show! Today, I’m joined by ✨Crazy Me✨ @Crazy in wonderville for a Never Have I Ever collab. If you havn’t heard of ✨Crazy Me ✨ she has a wonderful blog and has so many creative ideas!

Never have I ever: Been awake for 24 hours without sleeping

Nope. I wanna do that so bad but I’ve never been able to YET!

 Never have I ever wanted to do something that you have been told not to do

I feel like I have many times , but right now I can’t remember anything 😅

Never have I ever skimmed a book

Many times!! All the time while studying 😂

Never have I ever mistook someone as your friend and shouted their name

i don’t think i have done it, but i have awkwardly walked with someone else thinking it was my parents

never have I ever gone into one shop to get one thing and came out with 2 million things

*Nervous laughing* maybe once .. who am I kidding , most of the time that’s the case.

 never have I ever tried a DIY and it didn’t turn out the way you wanted

yeah, a LOT of times! too many times 

never have I ever binged netflix all day

no.. not really , but i have binged youtube 

Never have I ever read a whole book in one sitting

 No.. oh wait i think i have , but that was a children’s book , what? I didn’t have anything to do 😶

 Never have I ever been caught talking to myself

thankfully not yet , or maybe i have been by mom , but she might have just remembered that i am weird and let it go. 😇

Never have I ever traveled by plane 

yeah, 3-4 times , but it was not international travel or anything...

💕 💫 💕

Thanks so much for reading and thanks @CrazyMe for joining me! 💕 Have a fab day,

-flora 💞

July 2021 Wrap Up 💕 | Flora’s Week Show

Hello! Welcome back or to flora’s week show. Another month already gone! I can’t believe that we’re near to 8 months into the year. 😮 *shook* Anyways, in today’s post, I’m going to b doing a July wrap up. Let’s get started!

My goals from June-

– Start writing more- I started writing on this blog daily, whether it was editing or scheduling. Overall, I think I made process in my writing. ✓

– Organise for the new school year- I’ve done some organising including going stationery shopping with my Mum which was supper fun. ✓

My goals for July

– Drink more water💧

– Be more productive and stick to my blogging schedule 📝

– Declutter my working space 💕

– Write some more on my writing blog ✏️

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Other Social Media

I was really successful with my Pinterest!

🦋 💕 🦋

Thanks so much for reading! I hope to see you again,

-flora ✨

The Flower Blogger Award! 🌸 | Flora’s Week Show

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Welcome back to flora’s week show. In today’s post, I’m doing The Flower Blogger Award! Yay!! I got nominated by the amazing The Hopeful Writer post so thank you so much. ❤ Without further ado, let’s get started!


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and put their link in the post
  2. Answer the 7 questions that your nominator gave you
  3. Then Make up your own 7 questions
  4. You are not required to answer the questions you make up but you can Nominate 5 people and put their names in your post.
  1. What’s your fave tree?

Hmmm- a Willow tree! 🌳

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2. What is your favorite fruit? 

Strawberries 😋

3. If you ate <switch this out for any food> for one year, do you think you would change physically? Do you think you would change at all? Explain

I’d eat cheese because you can have lots of different meals with it in from pasta to pizza. I don’t know how it would affect me because I think cheese is quite healthy. 🧀

4. Do you like sewing? If you do, what do you sew? (I do!)

Yes, I love it! I like sowing on my badges that I earn as I go to girl guiding. 💕

5. If you discovered a new flower, what would you call it? What color would it be? Would it be poisonous or edible or even be used for medicine? Describe it

Lilac Colour | How To Make Lilac colour | Colour Mixing | Almin Creatives -  YouTube

My flower would be lilac with rounded petals with darker lilac highlights. It would be called ‘flora’ because flora is ‘the plants of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.’ It would be used to decorate weddings and special occasions.

How To Spot A Barn Owl – Live Webcam

What is your favorite bird?

A Barn Owl because it is so beautiful and gracful

Watch Ghosts - Stream TV Shows | HBO Max

What would you make a meme on? What would it have as a picture background? Explain

I’d make it on BBC Ghosts because there is so many funny lines in it. 😀

Thanks for reading my answers! I hope you enjoyed and if you did make sure to like, follow and comment. Have a good day,

-flora 💜

Bring on Summer! -My plans | Flora’s Week Show 💫

How’s your week going? Guess what? I’m on the Summer holidays! Yay!! That means that I can come up with some fun summer posts for y’all! 😝 As you can may tell, I’m VERY over- excited. 😅 get yourself together, flora. So, in today’s post, I’m going to be sharing my many a few plans for summer. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Go to Starbucks-

I can’t wait to go to Startbucks! I already know my order (caramel iced latte)!

Take some bright photos:

I can’t wait also to take some photos for my blog and also my Pinterest.

Having a writing date with my mum:

I’m going to a coffee shop and my Mum and I are going to take our writing work and have a work date. 😊

Sleeping in:

Yay! I can now finally sleep in!

Going to the beach:

Who doesn’t love going to the beach on a not overheated day. ☀️

Having sunny weather:

Havin’ just looked at the weather, it’s going to be thunderstorms for the next few days 😩

Having more time to write:

I no have enough time to write poems and stories as well as writing for this blog. 💻

I hope you liked hearing my plans for this Summer. Have the best day in the world,

-flora 💞


I tried journaling for the first time (2 day review) | Flora’s Week Show ✏️

*This post was written a few months ago*

Hello friends! ❤ How’s your week gone? I hope it’s good and your all well. I’ve always loved writing and I have considered journaling a few times but never really did it. So, since it’s 6 months into the year already, I’m deciding to try it out. The way I’m hoping to do this, is to write about my day, the goals I want to achieve this week/month and also an update on my goals that I set for last month. I’m also am wanting to list my writing/ blogging goals. My aim for this challenge is to take some time to myself each day and relax for 15-20 mins. 😊 Without further ado, let’s get into it!

The tools I’m going to use:

  • My ‘genius at work’ notebook
  • new pens ✏️
  • my desk
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Day 1- Saturday 19th June 2021

I loved the first day so much! I wrote about my day and it felt so good to write it down. I used a few writing prompts (what are you thankful for? & why) Overall, I loved this!!

Day 2- Sunday 20th June 2021

On the second day, I used a few more prompts which were writing inspiring quotes. This really helped clear my mind after a long, long day. Because it was a weekend, I also had a few more hours to work with in my time so as a result, I had a lot more time to write.

My experience:

I’d have to say, I loved these past 2 days so much! I’d 100% recommend it and I had so much fun!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you sis make sure to like, follow and comment! Have the best day ever,

-flora x

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Day 26. The writing challenge

Hello!! Welcome to another writing challenge post! I hope you enjoy 😀

Write about an area in your life that you’d like to improve.

Writing more often:

I have recently started writing something and my goal is to write 100 words each day. 😀

Top 5 facts for today:

  1. Octopuses have 3 hearts.
  2. Fish can cough.
  3. 2/3 of a cats life is spent sleeping.
  4. It’s thought that 15% of people are sleep walkers.
  5. A giraffe only needs 1.9 hours of sleep a day.

I hope you have a good day! 😀 Make sure to follow because I’m so close to 100.