My vintage wish list! | Flora’s Week Show 🌟

Hello friends! ❤ How’s your week been going? Mine has been fab and it’s just hit end of term and I can’t wait to have a little break off from school. I’m going on a holiday for 7 days too and I can’t wait for that! ❤ What are some of your plans for this holiday? So, in this post I’m going to be listing my vintage wish list. As you m,ay know, I love everything vintage style and I’m loving it. Without further ado, let’s get started! ❤

The style I LOVE for summer is cottagecore and I am looking forward to finding lots of different cottagecore (y) items. The first few pictures I fount were off of just google. From what I could gather, I found that most cottagecore items are based on flowers, butterflies and other elegant and cute styles. I also found that the style had lots of bright colours or soft colours.

photo from- Pinterest

photo from- Pinterest

Photo from-

The next few photos are items that I found on Amazon: ❤ Disclaimer- I haven’t bought these items and don’t know how they look or are.

Link- Dress

Link: dress

Arn’t these the cutest shoes?!! 😝

Link- Shoes

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~Flora 🌙