I’ll see you in the new year! 👋

Hello friends and bloggers! How are you all? 🥰 Welcome back to floras week show! 💕

I hope you all had the best Christmas full of joy and smiles (tell me in the comments). 💬 I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and friends and of corse Bertie! 🤣

In the new year: 🗓

Hopefully, in the new year I’ll be able to post once every week (could be every two weeks if homework is busy 😅 … but hopefully not!) I’ve planned my posts for January which your going to love! 💕 Including tags and collabs (if you’d like to do a collab in February make sure to email me in advance. 😙).

I’ve also got a few tags that I’m doing so stay tuned for that! Also quick question do you like these chatty style posts because I really enjoy writing them (as I can say what’s on my mind)? 🥰

I’m currently writing this on my phone as I sparked inspiration. 😂

I hope you enjoyed this post! Tell me your feelings in the comments. 💕

Anyway, I’m going to quit rambling on and on and I’ll see you in the new year,

-flora 🥰


Blogmas wrap up (Christmas eve) | Flora’s Week Show 🎄

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Hellooooo, Blogging Beans! 💜

Welcome back to Flora’s Week Show! IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE!! AHHH! 🎄 I can’t believe it! Don’t get distracted, flora. 😂 So, in today’s post, I’m going to be wrapping up my blogmas posts and shouting out some of your posts! I can’t wait to do this and I hope you enjoy it! 🎅

✨ ✨ ✨

My first really exciting achievement is that we hit 400 followers!! AHHH, this day can’t get any better! 😍 I love how our community has grown, blogging beans! And I can’t believe we hit 400. Thank you so, so much! ✨

💕 💕 💕

👑 Maggie’s doodlemas

👑 Eva’s “The night of Christmas”

👑 Anisha’s “Christmas Poem”

👑 Krisha’s 5 Day’s to Christmas

👑 IB’s Blogmas D’24: Christmas Bucket List Review

👑 Miriam’s 25 DIY Christmas gifts!

If you have a post to share with the community, make sure to link it below and say what it’s about. It doesn’t have to be Christmas themed. 💕

⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I’ll see you in the new year! Stay Safe,

-flora 💕

A Holly jolly icebreaker tag! ✨ (BLOGMAS) | Flora’s Week Show

Image- rae-rae

Hello, festive friends and blogging beans! 🎄

Welcome to another blogmas post! ✨ How are you all? I hope your December has gone well so far! 💕 In today’s post I’m going to be doing this tag that I saw on Maggie’s blog which was created by Rae-Rae whose blog I LOVE. Her content is amazing and so creative. ⭐️

Maggie’s blog is wonderful and she is doing a super fun doodlemas post each day so make sure you check that out! 💫

Without further ado, let’s get into it! 🌲

The photo was taken by my mum. ❤️

🎄 What is the one thing you love about Christmas? 🎄

I love having a delicious Christmas dinner with my family and sharing laughs and smiles. This always brings such a warm feeling to my heart. ❤️

🎄 What is one of your favourite experiences at Christmas? 🎄

I love baking Christmas Biscuits, cake and other delicious things. 😋

🎄 What is one of your favourite decorations to put up? 🎄

Christmas lights because they look so magical at night. ✨

Photo by invisiblepower on Pexels.com

🎄 What is your favourite holiday food? 🎄

I love drinking hot chocolate and marshmallows on a cold day. 🍵

🎄 Name some Christmas songs you know! 🎄

*opens Christmas playlist* 😂

  • Jingle Bells
  • Last Christmas
  •  Jingle bell Rock

🎄 All-time favourite Christmas movie? 🎄

The Princess switch 👑

🎄 If you had to design your own Christmas sweater, what would you add? 🎄

  • Sparkles ✨
  • An Elf 😂
  • Colour- purple
Photo by Eugene Dorosh on Pexels.com

🎄  How do you celebrate Christmas? 🎄

I spend it with most of my family and we have a huge Christmas dinner together. 🍴

🎄  Let’s talk about family! How would you describe your family in a sentence? 🎄

Sweet, caring and loving. 💕

🎄 Bust out the aesthetics! Share some pictures that you have found for Christmas! 🎄

NOT MY IMAGE. This is the LINK

💫 💫 💫

Thanks so much for reading another blogmas post. If you liked this post, make sure to check out Rae-Rae and Maggie’s post and have a wonderful day,

~Flora 🎄

How to take effective notes for classes (Blogmas week 2)| Flora’s Week Show 📝

Photo by Radu Andrei Razvan on Pexels.com

*This post was written earlier and will now be a blogmas post (this blogmas thing is totally working 😂.) Anyway, enjoy the post! ✨

Hello, Faunas! 💕 Welcome to flora’s week show! In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about and giving some advice on making notes / revising for tests or topics. 📝 I hope that you enjoy this post and find these helpful!


Make flashcards with answers and questions or you could make flashcards with key facts/words on them. Go over these over and over.


When I study after taking notes, I test myself just to make sure I got that subject. Another way to do this is to write questions down and then at the end of your study session revisit and answer them. ✏️


One tip to go with this also is to set realistic goals with small steps. Personally, this really motivates me to do little steps towards a big goal.

Photo by invisiblepower on Pexels.com


Make sure you avoid distractions. A helpful tip is to download an app to block all the distracting apps. 💕

Review and revise: ❤️

Look through your old work/notes and highlight the key information and revise. This is what I do when I start studying. 💜

🎄 🎄 🎄

Thanks so much for reading the second blogmas post, Blogging Beans!! 💜 I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy your day,

-flora 💕

IT’s Beginning to look a lot like BLOGMAS! ❄️ | Flora’s Week Show

Photo by Radu Andrei Razvan on Pexels.com

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas // Blogmas! ⛄️

Hello, Blogging Beans!! ❄️ Guess what time it is? 12:00pm Blogmas Time! And I’m super excited because, only 24 days until Christmas! Eeeeeek! So to celebrate this, I’m going to be bringing 2-3 posts out in December on a BlogMas theme.

In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing things I love about Christmas (sentimental things) and also a few announcements. Without further ado, let’s get into the Christmas joy! ✨

Things I LOVE About Christmas: 🎄

The smell of Christmas trees– I love the smell of Christmas trees because the smell always makes me smile and think of Christmas. 🌲

The glowing house lights- I love putting up Christmas lights and watching them glow in the darkness because it feels so magical. 😇

The shop displays– I find that shops window displays are really nice and they make them so aesthetically pleasing to look at. ✨

Everyone’s blogmas posts- I love reading everybody’s blogmas posts because they bring a little extra Christmas spirit to my day! 🎅

Listening to Christmas music- I love listening to Christmas music but it does get a lil annoying after the fifty millionth (is that even a word?? Today, I’m making it a word 😂) play of one song. 😅

Photo by Janez Podnar on Pexels.com

Here is my announcement! ❤️

I’m now opening Christmas themed guest posts: The link is inserted in the image

Thanks so much for reading!! 💕 If you like Christmas themed posts, stay tuned this month! ✨

-flora 🌲