Our Travel bucket Lists ft. Roshni 💫 | Flora’s Week Show

Hello! 💕 Welcome or welcome back to flora’s week show. Today, I’m joined by Roshni for a super fun collab where we’re going to be sharing our travel bucket lists. 📝 If you don’t know who Roshni is, she is such a nice blogger who I can relate to and I recommend Roshni’s blog so much, you can find it here. In this post, I’m going to be sharing Roshni’s travel bucket list, for mine visit her blog. 😊


I would love to go to France someday! It is so beautiful. I’ll like to go to a bakery there and have some croissants!! Yumm 😋

me- Yumm!


I want to go to the USA one day! It is a nice place and since most of my blogging friends are from there, I’ll get to meet them!

me- I really want to go to the USA too. 😊


I want to go to Japan. I’ve heard a lot about the advanced technology they have there and I want to see that! I’ve also heard a lot about japanese stationery and I want to buy a lot of it from there!! And how can I forget? The fOoD is so good mMm

Me- I’d love to go to Japan


 I would love to go to Rome one day! I’ve heard a lot about the beauty of that place. My friends endlessly keep talking about it, and that makes me want to see it in real life!

me- I’d love to go as well! I feel like it would be so beautiful.

💕 🌸 💕

Thanks so much Roshni for collabing with me. 😀 I hope you all loved this too! Have a wonderful day,

-flora 😄

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