My Morning routine {Weekend addition} | Flora’s Week Show ☀️

Good morning, friends! ☀️ I hope all of you are doing well. Today, I’m going to be showing you my Weekend Morning Routine. I hope you enjoy this post!

Wake up- 8:10 AM ish ☀️

Make a cup of tea- 8:15AM ☕️

Make breakfast- 8:15AM 🍽

Shower and get dressed- 8:45AM

Brush teeth- 9:00AM

Make coffee and work- 9:00- 9:30 🖥

Go to dance- 10ish

Come back from dance- 11:00AM 🏡

Work- 11-12

Lunch- 1:30PM

2-6PM- I chill maybe go out with my friends (depends on with day/week it is)

6:00PM- I watch TV and chill (do homework) 📋

7:20ish- Dinner 😋

Then I chill and do anything that needs doing

9:30- Read some books 📚

10:00PM- finish reading and try to get to sleep

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~Flora 🌙

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My Summer Bucket list 2021| Flora’s Week Show ☀️

Hello friends! It’s now official… SUMMER IS HERE!! Yay! 🎉 And guess what?! The sun is out too. ☀️ To mark the start of summer, I decided to make a summer bucket list for 2021. Thanks so much Evin for this post (35 Summer blog posts ideas) definitely go check out that. Without further ado, let’s get into it 😀

My Summer Bucket List 2021:

  • Write some summer themed posts
  • Do a summer photoshoot 📷
  • Enjoy the sun
  • Plant some flowers
  • go to the beach
  • hope my flowers grow 🌻
  • Have a BBQ 😋
  • Look at the wildlife (bees, birds ect)
  • Set up my pool 🌊 (and swim!)
  • Go for some walks
  • Hang with my friends
  • play with my dog 🐕
  • roast Marsh mellows
  • Watch my cat sunbathe in my Mum’s chair 🤣 (sneaky cat)
  • smell the fresh air 🤗

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed. What’s on your summer bucket list? Have a good day,

~Flora 🌼