I tried journaling for the first time (2 day review) | Flora’s Week Show ✏️

*This post was written a few months ago*

Hello friends! ❤ How’s your week gone? I hope it’s good and your all well. I’ve always loved writing and I have considered journaling a few times but never really did it. So, since it’s 6 months into the year already, I’m deciding to try it out. The way I’m hoping to do this, is to write about my day, the goals I want to achieve this week/month and also an update on my goals that I set for last month. I’m also am wanting to list my writing/ blogging goals. My aim for this challenge is to take some time to myself each day and relax for 15-20 mins. 😊 Without further ado, let’s get into it!

The tools I’m going to use:

  • My ‘genius at work’ notebook
  • new pens ✏️
  • my desk
Photo by Ann Nekr on Pexels.com

Day 1- Saturday 19th June 2021

I loved the first day so much! I wrote about my day and it felt so good to write it down. I used a few writing prompts (what are you thankful for? & why) Overall, I loved this!!

Day 2- Sunday 20th June 2021

On the second day, I used a few more prompts which were writing inspiring quotes. This really helped clear my mind after a long, long day. Because it was a weekend, I also had a few more hours to work with in my time so as a result, I had a lot more time to write.

My experience:

I’d have to say, I loved these past 2 days so much! I’d 100% recommend it and I had so much fun!

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-flora x

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Saturday night self care {detoxing} | Flora’s Week Show

Hello friends! ❤ Today’s post is going to be slightly calmer then normally because I’m going to be doing a self care night and I can’t wait to detox after a nice day. First of all, here is the agenda of things happening tonight:

Bubble Bath;

Read Anne Of Green Gables;

Finish this blog post;

Jasmine Tea;

To Do for tomorrow;

As well as other thing that need doing.

First of all, I’ve got to run my bath while I have my dinner! Tonight I had scrambled eggs on toast with a glass of water. In my bubble bath I put bubbles (duh) and bath salts (mint & vanilla scent).

I also did a face mask:

After my relaxing bath, I drank some Jasmine Tea and I loved it!

Then I had a few cuddle’s with Bertie:

He was very sleepy and was laying on the sofa ❤ ❤

Last week I wrote a ‘my day so far’ blog post and I forgot to put this photo in: ❤ This is Lara and she was helping me write a blog post! 😀

That’s all the time we’ve got today on this blog! I hope you liked this post and Good night! ❤ 🌙

~Flora 🌙

Ps- I’ve got a new podcast episode out ❤