My Photos from August 📷| Flora’s Week Show

Hello blogging beans! 💕 My names flora and welcome back to Flora’s Week Show. Phew what a month it’s been! To go along with this month, I’ve taken quite a few photos and I wanted to share them with you. 😄 Without further ado, let’s get started!

Early August:

🔝 This is one of the new and exciting changes to my room! I love this bed because it has storage space in the draws!

My Costa orders! 💕

Late August:

These butterflies came to visit me! 💜 I’ve been getting loads on my plant! 🌻

This is my new blog calendar! I love the design of simple but affective! I’m going to stay way more organised with this. ❤️

📷 💕 📷

Thanks for reading! I had an awesome August and I hope you did too! 🤗 I’m super excited for September and you’ll find out why in a few posts time. 😇 Have a great day,