I went to Montacute House | Flora’s Week Show ☀️


Hello lovely bloggers! Welcome back to my little corner of the internet, flora’s week show! 💕 How’s everyone doing today? 😄 My day, that I’m writing this, is going awesome because the sun is shining and Bertie is sat next to me! 😇

Last week, I went on a super fun trip to Montacute House with my family. 💕 It was so fun and I really recommend going there. Here are a few pictures that I took and also I found online. 📷

One of the most beautiful and unique things about Montacute house it the lovely gardens. Sadly, I didn’t take many photos of the gardens but I did find some online. 😄 The gardens are truly stunning! 🌳


When we got to this fab fountain, I couldn’t resist a picture! And… It has lovely, fish that were very happy! 😅

💕 💕 💕

Thank you so much for reading! Sorry this post was so short, I’ve been very busy with school work! 😅 I will hopefully start writing more blog posts and planning more so I can bring lots of content to you all. 😄 I hope you have a lovely night,

~Flora 💜