I interviewed Swift walker/ Just dream land

Hello friends! Welcome back to my blog! Today, I interviewed the blogger Just dream land AKA Swift walker. I hope that you enjoy this post! 😀


Best thing about blogging?

The one best thing about blogging which I never expected to be possible is, I get to make super awesome friends. Like, I had heard people having friends online and all that. But till WordPress happened in my life, I never actually expected it to be real. And so far, I’m loving it!!!!

What is your blog based about?
Well, my blog was solely dedicated to the poems I write. But later on, I realized I could write many other things. So now, Just Dreamland is a place for poetry, short stories, song reviews, and book reviews(coming soon) It might have many more features in the future.
One quality that you wish everyone had?
Oh, I wish people could be a lot kinder and more understanding than they are now. Yeah, sometimes their life might not be easy. But it might be the same with the others, right? 
3 goals for blogging?
1. Unique content. 2. Unique content. 3. Unique content. me- Good answer! 😀 
Who made you want to start blogging?
Me! I made myself start blogging during the pandemic because I was wasting a hell of a lot of time doing nothing. I was on this mode: read, sleep, repeat.
Where do you see your blog in 6 months? 
I hope to have 300+ followers. But actually, that does not matter. I post things to lift some weight off my shoulder. As long as it does that, I don’t care. I’ll go with the flow. It can take me anywhere it wants, but it will forever be dear to my heart(my blog, I mean)
Favourite subject to blog about? 
Doing awards and tags. Because I get to add GIFs(I don’t know why, but I’ve become obsessed with them. GIFs, I mean)
Any advice for new bloggers? 
Considering I am just a 2 month old here, I don’t know what else to say except, interact, appreciate other’s talent, enjoy doing what you are doing.
What makes you happy in blogging?
My answer is also very similar to the first question. Fellow bloggers. Reading other’s posts. People in the Blogosphere encouraging me!
How many posts do you aim to write each week?
Uhh, if I could, I would post every single day. In fact, I was posting every single day. But now, life has sucked all the energy out of my life because life’s happening. Uff! 
Thank you so, so much @I’m a swift walker for doing an interview with me make sure to check her blog out here-  Just dream land  
Have an amazing day and if you’d like to do an interview please hit that contact button on my website. 😀 
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