❤️Interviewing Zainab❤️| Flora’s Week Show ⭐️

Hello friends! ❤ How’s everyone doing on this Tuesday morning? Today, I’m joined by the lovely Zainab from @Zainab Chats and we’re doing an interview collab. Her questions and my answers will be on her blog so make sure to check that out here. I love Zainab’s blog and find it so inspiring. Without furtherContinue reading “❤️Interviewing Zainab❤️| Flora’s Week Show ⭐️”

Interviewing @poorvi kumar

Hello friends!! ❤ Welcome back or to my blog! Today, I’m joined by poorvi kumar for a fun interview post! WAIT! Before you read this post, make sure to follow poorvi kumar‘s blog by clicking this link: poorvi kumar. I hope you enjoy!! 😀 (I’m trying a new featured image style! Do you like it?)Continue reading “Interviewing @poorvi kumar”

I interviewed @Spectacular Selina

Hello friends! How is your day going? I hope you are all well and having a wonderful week so far. In today’s blog post I’m joined by @Spectacular Selina for a fun interview post! I hope you enjoy! Tell my readers about your blog My blog doesn’t necessarily have a ‘theme’, I just write about,Continue reading “I interviewed @Spectacular Selina”

I interviewed @Whispering Stories

Hello friends! Welcome back to another blog interview! Today, I’m joined by @Whispering stories/ Riddhi B. I hope you enjoy this post!! BUT! Before we get into the post please follow Whispering Stories because she’s such an amazing blogger 😀 Why did you start blogging? Well, it’s partly because I had nothing to do atContinue reading “I interviewed @Whispering Stories”

I interviewed Swift walker/ Just dream land

Hello friends! Welcome back to my blog! Today, I interviewed the blogger Just dream land AKA Swift walker. I hope that you enjoy this post! 😀   Best thing about blogging? The one best thing about blogging which I never expected to be possible is, I get to make super awesome friends. Like, I had heardContinue reading “I interviewed Swift walker/ Just dream land”

interviewing Pavithra/small talks

Hello friends! ❤ Welcome back to my blog! How is your day going? Today I’m interviewing Small Talks also known as Pavithra. I asked Pavithra 10 questions and here are the answers. What are 10 things you can live without? Family, pets, Music and headphones (shouldn’t separate them), Desserts, Netflix, My Personal diary, Books /comics,Continue reading “interviewing Pavithra/small talks”

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