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*This post was written a few weeks ago*

Hello friends! Welcome back to my blog! 💕 How’s everyone’s week gone? Mine has gone so well and I’m super excited today because, it’s October already! I love October because all of the trees turn beautiful colours. ✨

In today’s post, I’m going to be update you all on my blog and my life. I hope you enjoy! 💞

On the Blog: ✨

I’ve been working on my blog posts this month and I’m hoping to do even better in October. I’m planning to do BlogTober and I can’t wait for some spooky posts! 💕 I’m hoping to also read a lot of your posts as well! 😄

Also, a quick question! Do you think I should re-do my website? I’d love to incorporate a nice lilac colour pallet. ✨

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October Goals: 🍁

  • Read 5 books 📚
  • Try to write a post each week ✏️
  • Work on a writing project each week 📗
  • maybe re-do my site 😄
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Thank you so much for reading! ✨ I hope you liked this post and if you did make sure to check out the linked posts bellow. Have the best day,

-flora 🍁

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Day 27. the writing challenge

Hello friends!! Welcome to another day of the writing challenge. Hope you enjoy! Also happy Valentines day I hope you’re having a heart-filled day so far! ❤

I really don’t know but here are three things I have just started to do which I am loving!

  1. Reading wave me goodbye ❤

2. Blogging-

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I found this meme and it’s so right!! 🙂

3. I’m loving planning things for after lockdown! 😀 Can’t wait 🙂

Questions for the comments:

What do you want to do after lockdown?

Currently reading?