How I write my posts from scratch! ft. Maggie | Flora’s Week Show πŸ’œ

πŸ’œ H E L L O B L O G G I N G B E A N S! πŸ’œ

Welcome back to flora’s week show! πŸ’• How are you all? Tell me in the comments! So in today’s post, I’m joined by Maggie! Ahhh! I’m so excited because Maggie is amazing! Her blog is really, really interesting and she writes about some awesome topics so make sure to give her a follow here.

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So, in today’s post, I’m going to be sharing how I write my posts from scratch (Images, text, etc.) 😍 So without further ado, let’s dive into this post!

πŸ’« πŸ’« πŸ’«

I use ‘Canva’ for my images and I’ve got some helpful tips for you! Personally, I use a mix of templates and images from scratch. πŸ˜‚ I love canva and really recommend it. πŸ’•

  • When your in a rush and don’t have time to make a featured image from scratch, use a canva template and customise it. πŸ˜‡
  • Use some helpful ‘Elements’. Evin has a great post on ‘Living the Blogging Life’ Which you can check out here.
Photo by Soubhagya Maharana on


The very first thing I do In the whole ‘Blogging process’ is planning. Planning is really important and comes in many different aspects. For example, one brief outline of a post written down on a piece of paper or a notes app can help you when writing. I use a notebook to get down ideas when I think of them and then expand. Here are some tips: πŸ’•

-Write down key info for the post ✏️

-Think of title ideas ✨

Generally, planning helps me so, so much when writing a blog post.

πŸ’œ What Do I Do While Writing Posts To Stay Focused? πŸ’œ

I find that sitting down and writing a post all in one chunk of time is really hard. πŸ˜‚ So many distractions, my phone is just sitting there… πŸ™„. To begin I put on some tunes 🎢 and then look over my outline and I find words (did I say that right πŸ˜‚.)

Photo by Jess Loiterton on

Thank you so, so much for reading! WAIT! Don’t click off this post! Check out Maggie’s blog here! πŸ˜‡ Thanks Maggie for doing this collab with me, I really enjoyed it. ❀️ I hope you enjoyed reading too! I’ve got many more collab posts coming soon! Have a wonderful day or night,

-flora ✨

My friend made a blog which you can visit here- @βœ΅πšƒπ™°π™»π™»πš„π™»π™°π™·’πš‚ π™³π™°π™Έπ™»πšˆ π™±π™»π™Ύπ™Άβœ΅ (go give her blog some love) ❀️


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