IT’s Beginning to look a lot like BLOGMAS! ❄️ | Flora’s Week Show

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It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas // Blogmas! ⛄️

Hello, Blogging Beans!! ❄️ Guess what time it is? 12:00pm Blogmas Time! And I’m super excited because, only 24 days until Christmas! Eeeeeek! So to celebrate this, I’m going to be bringing 2-3 posts out in December on a BlogMas theme.

In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing things I love about Christmas (sentimental things) and also a few announcements. Without further ado, let’s get into the Christmas joy! ✨

Things I LOVE About Christmas: 🎄

The smell of Christmas trees– I love the smell of Christmas trees because the smell always makes me smile and think of Christmas. 🌲

The glowing house lights- I love putting up Christmas lights and watching them glow in the darkness because it feels so magical. 😇

The shop displays– I find that shops window displays are really nice and they make them so aesthetically pleasing to look at. ✨

Everyone’s blogmas posts- I love reading everybody’s blogmas posts because they bring a little extra Christmas spirit to my day! 🎅

Listening to Christmas music- I love listening to Christmas music but it does get a lil annoying after the fifty millionth (is that even a word?? Today, I’m making it a word 😂) play of one song. 😅

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Here is my announcement! ❤️

I’m now opening Christmas themed guest posts: The link is inserted in the image

Thanks so much for reading!! 💕 If you like Christmas themed posts, stay tuned this month! ✨

-flora 🌲


25 thoughts on “IT’s Beginning to look a lot like BLOGMAS! ❄️ | Flora’s Week Show

  1. Yaaay Flora! This post is so pretty and festive, I’m really looking forward to seeing your Blogmas content this month! 🥰 your signoff is very beautiful. I also love Christmas lights! They’re so pretty and magical.
    I added your post to the post I shared today! I’m spreading the word about Blogmas guest post opportunities 💖

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  2. Aaah, this post was amazing, Flora! I loved reading it! I have to agree with you on “Everyone’s blogmas posts”. Though i don’t celebrate christams, its so much fun to see all the christmas themed posts from around the blogosphere, and its getting me so excited too!!! Good luck on Blogmas, cannot wait to read all of your wonderful posts!!

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