My 1 Year Blogging Anniversary | Flora’s Week Show 💕

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Welcome back to flora’s week show! If your new around here, hello! I’m flora and I own flora’s week show! I hope you have a wonderful time here. 💕 Today’s post is going to be very high in excitement because I’VE HIT ONE YEAR ON MY BLOGGING JOURNEY! flora’s excitement has gone through the roof 😆 To celebrate, I’m going to be giving advice to all the new blogger’s out there and I redesigned my website! ✨

Without further ado, let’s get into it! ✨

My Advice to all of you new bloggers! 💕

Don’t always look at your STATS:

When you first create your blog, only look at your STATS sometimes! The reason behind this is because when you obsess over your STATS, you’ll always want an increase. When this doesn’t happen, you start to question your blog and your writing. On the other hand, it’s quite nice to look at your STATS once in a while. 💕

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Stay consistent in writing posts:

One thing to keep in mind is posting regularly because it will help draw attention to your blog. One way I get past this is by creating a schedule. My schedule is currently posting once a week (I don’t have a certain day right now.) ✨

Another Note- Don’t post too regularly for no reason, as this will spam people.

🌙 🌙 🌙

Take advantage of free stock images:

When blogging, I always add images to my posts because they help a lot with the lay out. ✨ I recommend using Pixels free photos because it’s built into WordPress.

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Plan your posts:

Whenever I write a post, I always plan before hand because it helps you figure out what to write. 😄

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Thank you so much for reading! I can’t believe I completed a year in blogging! Thank you so much for supporting me through my blogging journey. 😊 Have a lovely day,


65 thoughts on “My 1 Year Blogging Anniversary | Flora’s Week Show 💕

  1. Congratulations Flora! Happy blogiversary! This is amazing and great tips!
    Also, I think you might have made a mistake in the first point- you’ve said only look at your stats in the first sentence….

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  2. Firstly, Congratulations on hitting one year!!! You must be so proud and happy of yourself 😁 Secondly, I just recently started my blog and all of this advice is very helpful, so thank you🌙 and Thirdly I’m Inlove with all of the photographs you share♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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