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Hello bloggers! Welcome back to flora’s week show! If you’re new around here, welcome! I hope you enjoy it here! 💕 I’m very excited today because I’m writing another BlogTober post! In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing some facts you may not know about October/ Autumn and also sharing some quotes. ✨


My sources for these facts:

30+ Awesome October Facts

20 Facts about October

Tourmaline and opal are the official birthstones of October.

The star sign of everyone born in October is either a Libra or a Scorpio.

 October and January always start on the same day of the week in common years.

The Anglo-Saxons’ name for October was Winterfylleth

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Some Quotes: ✨

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers – Anne Of Green Gables

October shows us how beautiful and satisfying it is to let go! – Unknown

💕 💕 💕

Thanks so much for reading! If you liked this post make sure to read some more of my posts that are linked bellow! Have a lovely day,

-flora 💫

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24 thoughts on “BlogTober Week 3! 👻 | Flora’s Week Show

  1. Love this post Flora!
    I think that in addition to the gemstones you listed, any pink gemstone is also considered an October birthstone (but I’m not positive).
    I am glad I live in a world with October’s as well! 😉 Have you read the Anne of Green Gables series?

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