My favorite lines from BBC Ghosts

Hello! My name is flora and welcome back to flora’s week show! In today’s post, I’m going to do a part two to my BBC Ghosts lines post (you can read part one here). I hope that you enjoy this post!

Ghosts Series 2: 'They're stuck in an existence they didn't ask for... like  all of us' - Den of Geek

Series 1- Free Pass

Thomas- ‘Is this supposed to be 1820s? Those are rococo chairs and tables. You can tell by the legs there rococo legs!’

KEEP CALM — Thomas Thorne aka Yet Another Source of Great...

Hotel person- Within a yare. (voice) 😯

Pat- Within a yare?

Robin- One time I was with bear

bare was like *Scary noises*

And I was like AHHH

And then he like hsusdubsudbudpsaijnihdj jbuhh

And I like bdifhwfnisdsid[jsidni Boo

And the bears like hey *Unspecified noises*

*laughing* You had to be there 😅

🤣 🐻 🤣

Thomas: I’m going to drowned myself in the lake… I mean it! 😖

😅 😅 😅

Captain- It means a great deal to Robin and quite frankly he deserves more respect! 😤

Robin- Yes Moonah…

Captain- SHUT UP ROBIN 😡

😅 😭 😅

Thomas- …. And now he’s to steal the woman of my dreams! 😭

Kitty- You say every woman is the woman of your dreams 🙄

Thomas- I have a lot of dreams and most of them are about women. Apart for the one where I have the body of a crab. 🦀

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a fab day,

-flora 😄



15 thoughts on “My favorite lines from BBC Ghosts

    • It’s about a lady called Alison who inherits a grand house from her great-great aunt and inside the house there are different ghosts from different time periods.
      But none of them can be seen unless you are a ghost. The ghosts don’t like Alison and Mike (husband) in the house so Julian (the one that can touch objects with a force) pushes Alison out the window, causing Alison to go into acoma. Because she came so close to being a ghost, she can now see all of the ghosts.
      The show is all about their day-to-day life.
      I hope you enjoyed reading!

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