Never Have I Ever collab ft. @✨Crazy Me✨ | Flora’s Week Show

Welcome back to flora’s week show! Today, I’m joined by ✨Crazy Me✨ @Crazy in wonderville for a Never Have I Ever collab. If you havn’t heard of ✨Crazy Me ✨ she has a wonderful blog and has so many creative ideas!

Never have I ever: Been awake for 24 hours without sleeping

Nope. I wanna do that so bad but I’ve never been able to YET!

 Never have I ever wanted to do something that you have been told not to do

I feel like I have many times , but right now I can’t remember anything 😅

Never have I ever skimmed a book

Many times!! All the time while studying 😂

Never have I ever mistook someone as your friend and shouted their name

i don’t think i have done it, but i have awkwardly walked with someone else thinking it was my parents

never have I ever gone into one shop to get one thing and came out with 2 million things

*Nervous laughing* maybe once .. who am I kidding , most of the time that’s the case.

 never have I ever tried a DIY and it didn’t turn out the way you wanted

yeah, a LOT of times! too many times 

never have I ever binged netflix all day

no.. not really , but i have binged youtube 

Never have I ever read a whole book in one sitting

 No.. oh wait i think i have , but that was a children’s book , what? I didn’t have anything to do 😶

 Never have I ever been caught talking to myself

thankfully not yet , or maybe i have been by mom , but she might have just remembered that i am weird and let it go. 😇

Never have I ever traveled by plane 

yeah, 3-4 times , but it was not international travel or anything...

💕 💫 💕

Thanks so much for reading and thanks @CrazyMe for joining me! 💕 Have a fab day,

-flora 💞

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