July 2021 Wrap Up 💕 | Flora’s Week Show

Hello! Welcome back or to flora’s week show. Another month already gone! I can’t believe that we’re near to 8 months into the year. 😮 *shook* Anyways, in today’s post, I’m going to b doing a July wrap up. Let’s get started!

My goals from June-

– Start writing more- I started writing on this blog daily, whether it was editing or scheduling. Overall, I think I made process in my writing. ✓

– Organise for the new school year- I’ve done some organising including going stationery shopping with my Mum which was supper fun. ✓

My goals for July

– Drink more water💧

– Be more productive and stick to my blogging schedule 📝

– Declutter my working space 💕

– Write some more on my writing blog ✏️

Blog Posts Published

Happy Birthday J.K Rowling & HP (reblog)

The Flower Blogger Award

My Favourite lines from BBC Ghosts

Blog tips & tricks to keep in mind — A Curly Sue’s Ramblings (reblog)

My TBR list for end of July and start of August | Flora’s Week Show 

Bring on Summer! -My plans | Flora’s Week Show 

Just For The Summer By Fay Keenan | Flora’s Week Show

I tried journaling for the first time (2 day review) | Flora’s Week Show 

My photos from June & July | Flora’s Week Show 

100 Things to do this summer ft. @MeWrites | Flora’s Week Show 

A Romantic Fiction Writer’s Thoughts on the England Team of Euro 2020. — Fay Keenan (reblog)

Summer outfits  | Flora’s Week Show

The Music and Me Tag | Flora’s Week Show 

Interviewing Zainab| Flora’s Week Show 

A Summer-y Poem  | Flora’s Week Show — Flora’s Fictional Writing 

Summer Photo Collages ft. Evin | Flora’s Week Show

Other Social Media

I was really successful with my Pinterest!

🦋 💕 🦋

Thanks so much for reading! I hope to see you again,

-flora ✨

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Hi, I'm Flora, I love reading and blogging and aspire to be a writer one day. I express myself through writing. My blog is mainly fun posts full of imagination. Remember to Bee 🐝 happy, -flora x

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