100 Things to do this summer ft. @MeWrites | Flora’s Week Show ☀️

Welcome back to flora’s week show. today, I’m back with a super fun collab with @MeWrites, who is an amazing blogger with a massive personality. I recommend checking out her blog here. Today’s collab, is 100 ideas for summer (50/50 on each blog). So I’ll be sharing mewrites ideas and mine will be on theirs. Without further ado, let’s get started!

  1. follow a tutorial online
  2. do some art/painting
  3.  clean out your closet
  4. decorate a room
  5. write a story/poem
  6. create a new website/blog
  7. play an instrument
  8. play with pets
  9. go to the park with friends
  10. . learn a new skill
  11. make a list of things you’re grateful for
  12. binge-read your favourite blogs
  13. make a time capsule
  1. make some wall decor
  2. do some nail art/designs
  3. ask your friends to do your hairstyle and makeup and see what they do
  4. listen to music
  5. listen to a podcast
  6. take care of a plant
  7. go out on your bike (with friends if you like!)
  8. do something with your sibling(s) (let them choose)
  9. if you know how to, compose a piece of music
  10. DIY something!
  11. spend time with friends(let them choose what to do)
  12. call someone you haven’t seen for a long time(this can be a relative, a friend, anyone)
  13. make a homemade gift (don’t tell me you don’t know anyone who has a birthday during the summer)
  14. make goals for the next academic year
  15. try a new sport!
  16. memorize the lyrics to a song
  17. re-read your childhood favourite books
  18. bullet journal
  19. picnic!
  20. go for a long walk
  21. play chess
  22. make up your own riddle
  23. take a quiz
  24. get ice-cream (obviously!)
  25. research an animal
  26. try making frozen yoghurt
  27. do some colouring
  28. cook something new
  29. Go shopping with friends
  30. Make a savings jar
  31. Learn a song
  32. Try a new baking recipe
  33.  Pick flowers  🌸
  34. Go on a bug hunt
  35. Make a bird feeder 
  36. Discover new bloggers online!
  37. have fun (I had to add this because something went wrong with the numbers -flora)

Thanks so much for reading! During the Summer, my schedule might change to Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. I hope you liked this! Here is a link to @MeWrites and have a lovely day! ❤

-Flora 💜


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