❤️Interviewing Zainab❤️| Flora’s Week Show ⭐️

Hello friends! ❤ How’s everyone doing on this Tuesday morning? Today, I’m joined by the lovely Zainab from @Zainab Chats and we’re doing an interview collab. Her questions and my answers will be on her blog so make sure to check that out here. I love Zainab’s blog and find it so inspiring. Without further ado let’s get started. 💭


Bold writing– me

italic writing font- Zainab

When did you start blogging? And why 💻

So my first ever blog was created in December of 2019 and it was called Z.H Blogs. At the time, I didn’t really know if blogging was the right thing for me, so I created it just as a beginner blog. However, I really fell in love with blogging (especially the community!) so I created Zainab Chats during lockdown as my main blog and it’s been going really well and I’ve been blogging on it since April 2020 and it’s honestly been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Me- That’s really nice. I found my love for writing through my blog too

Did you ever hit a blogging block? (you couldn’t face writing a blog post)

I’ve never hit a major block but there’s definitely been some days where I’ve gone to write a post and I just think ‘what can I do?’ Usually to counter it I either look through other blogs for inspiration or Pinterest and they’re both big help!

Me- That’s a really good idea! 💡

What motivates you to write a blog post? ✏️

My main source of motivation is my followers! The whole blogging and content creating community is incredible and I just feel so blessed to be creating content for and alongside so many other people, so definitely the community!

Me- That’s a big part of blogging for me too. Each of my followers are so sweet, kind and caring and I couldn’t thank you all enough.

How do you plan a blog post? 💭

Well, the thing about blogging is that inspiration can strike at any time – so I don’t necessarily plan my posts. What I do though is have a note on my phone which has all my posts written out ready for Sunday (my post scheduling day!)

Me- I’m kind of the same. When creativity strikes I make a note of the idea an then build on it for a post idea.

What is your writing process? ✍️

Normally I write a little introduction, welcoming everyone to the post, then I write the main body of the post and then sort of an outro! In the outro, I usually thank people for reading and share my social media!

Thanks so much for reading and also thanks Zainab for joining me for this post! If you’d like to do a collab post with me visit my Contact Page for more information. Have a spectacular day,

~Flora 💫


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