This Whole post is just summer vibez | Flora’s Week Show ☀️

*Ignore the fact that this is a day late* whoops

IT’S SUNNY! Yes! The big ball of fire has decided to bless us once again with its presence and kind of over- heat us all… for once. 😅 It was like (not exact) 24 degrees (UK measurements) and I was boiling. Luckily, I had my pool out so I dipped one toe in and… (well… I ran back out because it was too cold.) 😝 Then I decided to brave the outdoors again and practice dance outside in my garden. All was well until about 5:00PM then my cat decided to Walk in my path join in 😂 (then my Mum fed her). Then, I ate Dinner (pasta) outside with my cat.

That was my day! The sad news is that it’s not going to be as sunny for a few days 😔 aww. On another note, this summer I hope to do a few more posts a week (if I can!) So, I hope you all enjoy that. To end the post, here are a few photos to celebrate summer & Sunny weather (first one is mine the rest are stock photos.)

My cat looking at me ⬇️

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on
Photo by jinjireh on

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day,

-flora 💫


31 thoughts on “This Whole post is just summer vibez | Flora’s Week Show ☀️

  1. I love sunny weather… that’s part of the reason I still live here even though there’s a lot I don’t like about living here these days. Sorry it didn’t last… hopefully the sun will be back soon!

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  2. It was sunny here in the USA too! Now it’s cloudy and probably raining and probably all week 😦 But hey, we can’t control the weather, and we gotta be happy about the sunny, happy days! Also your cat is so cute! It’s a girl, right (I can tell by the fur pattern)? Also, what’s it’s name?

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  3. I love the art style of your blog, I was really going for something like that when I started and somehow struggled to find the cute, cheerful simplicity that you captured. I’m an older lady, 36, which is young to many, but old to many too… but I’m also a blogger who enjoys writing about many things, they call it lifestyle blogging, but I don’t love the term… your blog is invigorating for me, sometimes I worry about developing a niche, which isn’t natural for me and reading your writing makes me think, maybe my blog should be somewhere for me to be free, rather than confined, but still I’m not sure. It sounds really inconsequential, but those small hesitations can really get in the way of writing. Anyways thanks for the post and the blog. I had a cat named “Willie” (a girl cat) seeing your cat brought me back to childhood and yet brought me somewhere new as well, as I’ve never been to the UK or seen those beautiful flowers, which I love (I love tiny flowers). 😸

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