The Eden Project (Mediterranean biome) | Flora’s Week Show 🌸

Hello friends! ❤️ Remember a few days ago when I posted The Eden project (rainforest biome), I said I’d do a part two for the other biome. And guess what I’m doing today, just that! I’ve got many more photos and I can’t wait for you to see! ❤ Without further ado, let’s get started.

The first thing that I saw was this beautiful tree and also the tiles on this floor were just fab! 😍

Then, I saw this sign and it was great because I love olives

Dotted around the site where these birds and I managed to take a few pictures of them. 🐦

This is an overall view of where I was standing:

On the way round, I spotted this poem on the wall. I think it has so much meaning and it’s worth a read. 📖


My last photo of the post are these lovely purple flowers drooping down on a gate. When I saw this I thought of a magical fairy scene. 💫

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you liked this post, if you did make sure o like, follow and comment. Guess what!? I hit my 6 month anniversary a few weeks ago! YAY!! I can’t believe it! Thanks so much everyone. Love,

-Flora x

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Hi, I'm Flora, I love reading and blogging and aspire to be a writer one day. I express myself through writing. My blog is mainly fun posts full of imagination. Remember to Bee 🐝 happy, -flora x

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