The Eden Project (rainforest Biome) | Flora’s Week Show πŸŒ³

Hello friends! ❀ Whatz Up! Today’s post is full of rainforest vibes because a few day’s ago, I went to The Eden Project and I had so, so much fun there! I’d recommend going there because it is really interesting and fun. This is one of two posts that I’m going to write on The Eden Project as I took quite a few photos.

To start off, I took this picture of the view. It was A-maze-ing 😍 All of the Biomes looked fab and so creative. Don’t the windows opening look like spikes! πŸ˜… The gardens looked beautiful.

On the walk down the path, the first thing that I saw was these pretty flowers that reminded me of bells. I loved the lilac colour because it made the greenery look so much more bright. 🌻

The next thing I saw was this adorable pollination trail with some Bee hives. 🐝

Before I show you anymore, here is a map of the site: 😊

The first Biome that I went to was the Rainforest Biome. Here are all the pictures I took:

Here is quite a serious few pictures and I just wanted to show:

I saw these beautiful flowers and I LOVED them and this waterfull:

Thank you so much for reading! There might be a Part 2 to this post so make sure to follow! Have a lovely day,

~Flora 🌸

PS- I’ve got a new schedule- Saturdays and Wednesdays 😜


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