Swapping Productivity tips & Helpful tools to use when blogging| ft. Maggie ⭐️

Hello friends! ❤ How’s your day going? Guess what? Today, I’m joined by the awesome Maggie from @Maggie’s Doodles! And we’re doing a super fun collab post, where we share our productivity tips & also helpful tools to use when blogging. Make sure to check out Maggie’s blog (also for the other half of this post) if you haven’t already because she posts super awesome and unique posts. Without further ado, let’s get started. ❤️

My productivity Tips!

To keep productive, I use a few different methods. These work for me most of the time (unless I’m feeling really, really, really unproductive). Here are some of my tips…

  1. Drink a whole glass of water when you wake up- I always do this because it recharges my mind and makes me feel so much more awake. 😊
  2. Take a moment to look outside and admire the day- This helps when it’s sunny and warm.
  3. DON’T click snooze- It makes me feel so much better when I get up straight away and start my day off with a positive. ❤
  4. Make a POA (plan of action)- I feel so much more productive after planning my whole day, or even just morning.
  5. Smile!- Doesn’t smiling make you feel so much better? ❤️

I hope these tips helped! I can’t wait to see Maggie’s tips! Now let’s get onto some blogging tools that help me through day-to-day writing posts.

Blogging tools that I LOVE 😍

To make my posts feel more ‘me’ I use some tools, apps and websites to make them as best as can be. Here are some of my faves! Also if there’s any other tools you recommend leave them in the comments and I’ll check them out. 😀

  1. Canva- I use Canva for my featured images and find it wonderful & easy to work with. I also use it for website designs, sidebars and also any other odds and ends. I’d 100% recommend canva.

2. Blogging Planner- I recently bought a new blogging folder as well as a blogging diary which has helped with planning upcoming posts.

3. An organised-ish desk- I mean… top of desk! The draws are a total other story 😅

Thanks so, so much for reading! If you liked this post make sure to like, follow and also comment your thoughts! As well as checking out Maggie’s Blog for her post! Have an awesome day,

~Flora 🌻


14 thoughts on “Swapping Productivity tips & Helpful tools to use when blogging| ft. Maggie ⭐️

  1. Aww this was great Flora! Thanks so much for doing this collab with me! 💕
    Yes it’s so refreshing to go outside, or even just look out the window! It helps clear my mind 😊

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