Living the life with Bertie the dog!

Hello friends! 😀 As you may know, I have a dog named Bertie and it’s been requested that I do a post on him. Today’s post is called living the life with Bertie and the highs and the lows! I hope you enjoy! 😀

Who is Bertie?!

Bertie is a dog 😂.   Bertie is a wonderful dog who is always looking for trouble! You can often see him in my blog posts because he loves ALL the attention and love. 

The Pro’s of Bertie

1. He is adorable 😍

2. He keeps my company 😊

3. He LOVES being around people. Even if it’s the same people 😊

4. He keeps me out the house because we go on walks quite often. 

5. He’s…

..It's so Cute!!! - agnesd | Meme Generator

Why does he do this? 

He always asks to go outside and then a few seconds later, gets board of it and comes back in. 

He doesn’t like it too sunny, too rainy or snowing. He loves it just right! 😂 

He’ll ask to go outside when my family and I are watching something and then he’ll run to the sofa and steal one of our spots! 

Even though he does all of this crazy stuff, I love him to bits! ❤ Thank you so, so much for reading if you liked this post, make sure to like, comment and follow for more blog posts and also let me know in the comments if you like these kind of posts. Have a lovely day, 

~Flora 🌻

17 thoughts on “Living the life with Bertie the dog!

  1. Aw hi Bertie!! 😂💕 he must be picky about going outside because he knows just what weather he likes! 😉 haha
    My little sister does the seat stealing thing too! If she knows I’m about to sit somewhere or I got up and I’m coming back, she will excitedly take my place and wait for my response 😂

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