Interviewing @poorvi kumar

Hello friends!! ❤ Welcome back or to my blog! Today, I’m joined by poorvi kumar for a fun interview post! WAIT! Before you read this post, make sure to follow poorvi kumar‘s blog by clicking this link: poorvi kumar. I hope you enjoy!! 😀

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Q1- Tell my readers about your blog.

Hey, hey, I’m Poorvi from @ Poorvi Kumar! On my blog, you can find all sorts of things from book reviews, to poems, short writings, and weekly segments like top two Thursday that range from blogging tips to the occasional laugh 🙂 ! 

😀 😀 😀

Q2-Why did you start blogging? 

Ah yes, the age-old question, why did I start blogging? 
Well, there are a couple of reasons. The first being I started my blog solely for book reviews but as school got more pressured I haven’t had the time to read so I’ve expanded to something I’m equally as passionate about, writing!The second reason being my pride. People have constantly told me that being a teenager means you’re too immature to be successful at a young age, and if you are successful it’s a fluke. So my blog and I are here to prove them wrong !! 😀

Me- Good point!

Q3-What is your favourite thing (s) about blogging? 

My favorite thing about blogging is 100% the community. I love just being myself on this platform and being able to write what I really want without being judged by everyone in real life. And an added bonus is that most everyone is super sweet and kind!
Plus I’ve learned that people you know in real life won’t support you as much as people you’ve never met. why? because they have a hard time believing that you both started out in the same place and you’re all the way up there. And the community has been nothing but supportive thus far!

Me- I’d have to agree! All my friends on WordPress are so sweet & kind to me. ❤ ❤

Q4-If you had one day to do anything, what would you do? 

Ooo, this is a good question! 
Well if I had one entire day to experience anything I would definitely be on my way to Dubai, Singapore, or Japan. Pre-covid my dad traveled a ton and never stopped raving about the food, culture, and environment of these places. I would love to see what the hype’s all about!

Me- Yes! 😀

Q5-What are your favorite posts to write? 

My favorite posts to write are most definitely poems or short stories. And as cliche, as it sounds there’s something about diving into a new world with characters and expressing myself through writing that fills me to the brim with joy!

Q6-What are your hobbies outside of blogging? 

Again as cliche as it might sound for a blogger, I really enjoy writing and reading in my free time. 
I personally am hopeless romantic, whether I admit it or not and that translates over to being my favorite things to read and write about! However, I do appreciate a good action book from time to time!

Q7-What has been your most successful post?

Out of all my posts, I’ve definitely had the most success with my 7th Top Two Thursday post which was me just explaining and going over the top two mistakes that are killing your blog. feel free to check out the article here!

Thank you so, so, so much for allowing me to interview you! If you’d like to interview me or I interview you, feel free to push that contact button on my website and fill oput the form. But until our next blogging adventure,


Ps- Poorvi’s post is going up on the 24th April

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