My TBR List!

Hello friends!! How is your day going? I hope it’s going good! In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing my TBR (to be read) list. I hope you enjoy!

Alice through the looking glass- Lewis Carroll

I’m so, so excited to start reading this and maybe, when finished, to write a review on here!


Adventure, mayhem, and madness continue for young Alice after she climbs through the mirror hanging above her fireplace’s mantel. Into the reflective world she travels, and soon she discovers that just as everything is backward in a mirror’s reflection, so is everything, from backward sentences to backward logic, in the mirror world. Rank by rank, Alice must cross through an enormous chess board as she meets a fantastical motley crew of creatures, chess pieces, and humans alike. What shall happen when little Alice reaches the end of the chess board?

Diary of a young girl by Anne Frank & Otto Frank

I’ve been loving finding about Anne and her adventures and can’t wait to read this in full depth. This is one of the amazing books I got for my birthday 😀


In July 1942, thirteen-year-old Anne Frank and her family, fleeing the occupation, went into hiding in an Amsterdam warehouse. Over the next two years Anne vividly describes in her diary the frustrations of living in such close quarters, and her thoughts, feelings and longings as she grows up. Her diary ends abruptly when, in August 1944, they were all betrayed.

Harry Potter & The prisoner of Azkaban

I’m currently reading the HP series and I’m on chapter 13 of the prisoner of Azkaban! 😀


When the Knight Bus crashes through the darkness and screeches to a halt in front of him, it’s the start of another far from ordinary year at Hogwarts for Harry Potter. Sirius Black, escaped mass-murderer and follower of Lord Voldemort, is on the run – and they say he is coming after Harry. In his first ever Divination class, Professor Trelawney sees an omen of death in Harry’s tea leaves… But perhaps most terrifying of all are the Dementors patrolling the school grounds, with their soul-sucking kiss…

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by [J.K. Rowling]

The Witch of Turlingham academy

This book has ben sitting on my shelf for ages and I can’t wait to finally read this!


It’s not easy being the only day girl at Turlingham Academy: Sophie misses out on all the midnight feasts and late night gossip. And when new girl Katy turns up it feels like she’s bewitching all of Sophie’s friends!

Katy’s no witch, but there is a witch at Turlingham. Katy comes from a long line of witch hunters whose job is to stop evil magic. Sophie is going to help her – anything to get Katy out of her life and get things back to normal.

Witch of Turlingham Academy: Book 1 by [Ellie Boswell]

Thank you so, so much for reading! If you liked this post, make sure to like and follow my blog! Have a wonderful day,

~Flora ❤


12 thoughts on “My TBR List!

  1. Oooh, I read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and I must say, I didn’t really understand a lot of it, 😂 but it was pretty good! (Wow I sounded so posh there-)
    I haven’t read any of the others, except for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, of course. 😂 (Also, the version of the book in the featured image is the same version I have!)

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