Taking quizzes part 2

Hello friends! Welcome back to another post! If you read my post earlier this week, you’d know I asked you what quizzes I should do next. So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy this post!

The first quiz was suggested by @Happy Panda so thank you so, so much ❤

So, for this first quiz I chose to take the BuzzFeed, ‘which harry potter pet are you’ quiz. And my results were *drumroll sounds*…

YAY! SO CUTE! Honestly, I wouldn’t mind being this cute, little owl. ❤

After this success, I decided to take the playbuzz ‘which harry potter pet are you’ and that result was *really loud drumroll sounds*...

Fawkes | Harry potter creatures, Phoenix harry potter, Harry potter couples

Fawkes! I love Fawkes’s beautiful, majestic feathers and I’d love to be him! 😀

The next quiz was on HowStuffWorks and this is the results…


The next few quizzes were suggested by @Maggie’s Doodles so thank you 😀

The print didn’t go through right so it’s a bit blurry

The first quiz I took was from called ‘If you were a comfort food, what would you be?’ and the results were….

Yesss! I LOVE lasagna so, so, so much!

The next quiz that I took was the Beano ‘What food and I’ quiz. 😀

Okay! 😀 Lol! Not what I was expecting but okay! 😀

Thank you for reading and a special thanks to anyone who gave me ideas for this post! 😀

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