I took some Harry Potter quizzes & a few photos of my pets!

Hello friends! How is your day going today? Today, I decided to take lots of harry potter quizzes to find out how much I know the first few harry potter books.

Disclaimer: I’m already in Hufflepuff because of the official sorting quiz but I wanted to see what other quizzes stated.

For the first quiz I took the BuzzFeed Harry Potter sorting quiz and I got… *Drumroll sounds*


I so, so happy with this and I’d have it no other way 😀

For quiz #2 I chose which harry potter character are you. The site I used for this quiz was BuzzFeed again. According to BuzzFeed I am…..

love the hair you’ve got there

Dolores Umbridge

No comment LOL

For quiz #3 I did the harry potter wand quiz which was again on BuzzFeed.

The results were…

Curly Maple & Walnut

Yay! That’s just what I wanted 😀

I hope you enjoyed this post and what should I do quizzes on next?! Have an amazing day,

From flora 😀

Oh yeah! Here are some photos I took this month/week.

This week, I completed the ‘bagpuss run’ and this is my cat by the medal.

This is my cat sleeping on my bed again! 😀

I also started a thing where you stick beads on a picture and this is how it’s going.

And I was really proud with this photo that I took of the blossom.

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30 thoughts on “I took some Harry Potter quizzes & a few photos of my pets!

  1. I loved seeing your quiz results! 😂💕 aww your cat’s so cute! And that flower picture is beautiful 😍
    You could do some food quizzes! Like which donut or pizza are you? I love those 🤣👏

    Liked by 1 person

    I think that quiz got it wrong, because there is NO WAY you can be in ANY WAY similar to Dolores Umbridge. You are way too nice and kind.
    Aww, your cat looks so CUTE!
    And those blossoms are SO PRETTY!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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