I interviewed @Maggie’s Doodles!

Hello friends!! Welcome to another interview post! Today @Maggie’s Doodles asked me 10 questions and I asked her 10 too. I’m answering her 10 on my blog and her, hers. Before we get into this post make sure to check out Maggie’s blog which you can find here: https://maggiesdoodles.com/. I hope you enjoy!! ❤

What is your fave blog post you’ve written so far?

I would have to say… my autobiography post because I worked so, so hard on it. 

Why did you chose your blog name? 

I chose my blog name because I had a past podcast (new one now) and it was called Flora’s week show hence the name Flora’s week show blog. I have a new podcast now! (link at the end of this post.)

When did you start blogging? 

I started blogging October of last year because I got interested in blogging. 

When did you first hear about blogging?

My mum has a blog but also I heard about blogging from a TV show and I started because it sounded really interesting. 

What is your fave topic to write about? 

  1. My pets because I can write just about everything 

What’s the post your excited to write about soon? 

100% more interviews 😀 

What do you love the most about blogging? 

I LOVE meeting new bloggers!! I often look at the likes on my fave blogs and then look at some other people’s blogs. I just love seeing new blogs! 😀 

Whose blogs are your fave to read? 

  1. Maggie 
  2. Small talks 
  3. 3 yellow daisies 
  4. I am a swift walker
  5. Pottah wand
  6. Raegan
  7. Spectacular selina 
  8. A curly Sue’s Ramblings 
  9. Draw-write-inspire 
  10. Fourty Two 
  11. Happy Panda 

What type of post have you never written before but want to? 

I’d love to do either:

  1. Art and craft posts or How to posts 

What are a few of your blogging goals for the future? 

1. Hit 130 followers

2. find at least 50 more blogs to read

3. do lots more interviews 

Thank you so much Maggie for interviewing me I loved it! If you want to interview me hit that contact button on my website! But until my next blog post goodbye!! 

Link to podcast Spotify- @Flora’s Week Show




34 thoughts on “I interviewed @Maggie’s Doodles!

  1. Yaaay thank you so much for doing this with me Flora! AW thanks for including my blog on your list! 🤗💕 I’m up there with a lot of other epic bloggers, lol! That means a lot!
    I had fun reading your answers. You’re so close to reaching 130 followers! and I’d love to see some how to posts from you 😍💜
    I can’t wait to post my part of the collab! I’m almost finished writing it 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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