interviewing Pavithra/small talks

Hello friends! ❤ Welcome back to my blog! How is your day going? Today I’m interviewing Small Talks also known as Pavithra. I asked Pavithra 10 questions and here are the answers.

What are 10 things you can live without?

Family, pets, Music and headphones (shouldn’t separate them), Desserts, Netflix, My Personal diary, Books /comics, Phone with wi-fi, Hot chocolate coffee and Comfy clothes.

What is the best thing about blogging for you? 

To me, blogging is a great way to express yourself through words. It can also be a part of growing and finding yourself. It makes us feel less lonely knowing that there are people out there who feel and experience the same.

 Describe your blog in 1 paragraph.

My blog is about everything and anything. I write and post all my random scribblings.

Three words that describe you and why?

Calm, lovely and sensitive. Calm because people around me always say I stay quite most of the time and I find no lie, I prefer peaceful environment. I’m proud to say I spread no hate to others and try my best to give love and support. Sensitive because my heart is too weak that I cry over little and silly things.

What are the best types of posts and why?

I like posts which speak about emotions and feelings because it has to be heard from others. It makes the listener less lonely and the speaker less stressful, benefiting both.
Tea ☕ or coffee ☕
Always Coffee!! (* I hate tea btw) 
Three qualities that you have and want someone else to have.
-> Speaking with kind words. People these days speak normally with harsh words which might hurt others feelings. I think the world needs more of kind and lovely words. 
-> understanding from others point of view. That’s an another important quality to have in order to avoid misunderstanding and hatred. 
-> helping others when they are in need.
Which type of posts do you aim to write? 
something honest and useful for the readers. Something which makes them view in different perspective and gain information or knowledge about it. I don’t want to post just for the sake of posting. 
What is the best thing that happened on your blog?
When I first started blogging, I didn’t know anyone or anything about it. But now readers support my writings and art works which makes me feel better. Some bloggers even write mail to me asking for guest posts and leave beautiful comments in the end which makes me feel so grateful!! 
Thank you so much to Small Talks for coming on my blog and sharing your thoughts! 😀 I really enjoyed it and hope to see you and your blog soon. 
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From Flora ❤ 
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